Monday, August 23, 2010

Demolition Part 3

Still in Demolition. I say that because I am trying to undo the Public School mindset in all of us. It is difficult and I need to work on the balance of it all.  Ok so here was day 1 of non-public school.

Woke up at 9am... coffee and breakfast, went over lesson plans to see if I forgot anything, went on Facebook and became physically ill after seeing all of my friends sending their kids to school and having a moment of self doubt (It would be so easy to make my kids go too!!!) checked to see if anything was going on.
 Debated if I should wake up my kids or not. I chose not to because it was so quiet, let's be real. They finally woke up at noon (OMG) but ate and started their lessons. I gave them assignment sheets and asked them if they wanted help or if they wanted to start on their own and ask questions if they ran into a problem they couldn't get. They chose option 2 which is fantastic because they work well by themselves.

Ashley watched the IMAX movie on Netflix about Greece which was pretty interesting and it was an awesome opening act to her unit study on Greece and Mythology. (Her choice.)  While she was watching the movie, Lauren worked on her Animal Life Cycles Book and completed it. I really think we may make a lapbook out of it as we go along in this unit. Who knows....winging it, people. After she finished that, Lauren worked in her Brainquest Book which she ended up liking. Ashley moved on to Science.

OHHHH I forgot to tell this cute story that left me shaking my head...

After Ashley finished the video on Greece and the Lost City of Atlantis, instead of going to the next assignment I noticed Ashley was  wrapped up in a blanket (head to toe)and laying still on the floor.  I asked her what she was doing and she said "Figuring out what it must have felt like to be under a bunch of Rubble."

God help me.


  1. LOL Those are 2 amazing girls you have there Jen! I hope the homeschooling road continues smoothly for you all!

  2. That sounds like an AWESOME first day!! GREAT JOB MOM!!

  3. You should call it Free-School, instead of non-public school. Free to learn at their own pace, free to understand the world without liberal brainwashing, free to explore their strengths uninhibited, free to learn from their own strengths, free to learn when the time is best for learning. FreeFreeFree!


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