Saturday, August 21, 2010


So I am not sure if I even spelled (spelt?) jk the title right...great start! I am not going to pretend I use huge words just to impress you or spell check over and over to seem perfect to you. On this adventure, I am sure I will have days where I blog to vent and won't give a damn about grammar. Be prepared.

So let's start at the beginning...

My dad always wanted to homeschool (btw, I should prob capitalize that) my sister and I but we were not having it. Homeschool was for losers and awkward kids who needed to be hidden from people.  We were just too pretty for that.

Fast forward....

Graduated public school, moved out, joined Air Force, engaged, married, baby 1, miscarriage, baby 2, lived in Japan, Arizona and now in Texas. This is the part where the homeschooling cult draws me in, did you see that one coming?

 My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes  July 9th  2008.  I cannot describe that day to you other then being my own personal Sept 11th. The day that my world crashed down, the day I was in shock and feeling totally helpless. Normal blood sugar is 80-180 and my daughter's blood sugar was over 600. Cue hospital stay, learning about Diabetes, realizing I had to keep this child alive and the world was on my shoulders. This poor child's life would never be the same.
Oh before we go any further, think of everything you know about Type 2 Diabetes....and then forget it. Totally different thing. If you found my blog, you can find Google and learn more about it;) No she won't grow out of it and yes she can eat sugar. We WILL throw sugar free peppermint patties back at you if you offer them. Well, not really but we feel the urge sometimes.

We put both of our girls in public school and it was ok for the most part. Ok jk. We had a wonderful school nurse but things started building up. My daughter, Ashley, was missing so much class time due to always being in the nurses office and last year was just a disaster for her. Lauren was doing well but she felt held back and wanted to always move ahead in lessons. We knew that would become a problem in time. Also the school district was rated unacceptable this year so I thought, NOW IS THE TIME.

I had heard about homeschool co-ops from people so I knew that was the first thing I should look for. I found our local group and signed us up. Am I nervous, yes. Will I hyperventilate when I see the first school bus go betcha!!! Did I use spell check to make sure hyperventilate was spelled correctly? I am not telling.

I also know that I love my family so much that I am going to give this my all. I am pretty smart, but not a genius and that is ok, because I do know where to find resources and I semi-remember the Dewey Decimal system.

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