Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still in Demo, but the Family is not visiting Disneyland

Today I met with 2 other Homeschooling Families and we went to the bounce house with the kids. It was a great outing and I got to socialize...score!

We didn't get to any Homeschooling today, Ashley's blood sugar decided to act up and she was over 400 and Lauren was super tired. Considering this physical education for the week ;)

Oh and if anyone has advice, I sure can use it. Lauren is a 7 year old perfectionist. If she doesn't come up with an answer within 20 seconds, she totally melts down in a temper tantrum. I know she doesn't do that in public school so why is she doing that here? I am starting to think that even though she is super smart like her sister, she wants to be better then her and maybe gives up because she can't handle "competition?"  I am working on Ashley because she tends to correct Lauren a lot and then I end up telling her to shut up because I know Lauren will melt down and I say it out of my own frustration. I know I shouldn't say shut up, but it happens and I vow not to act fake in this blog for the sake of others like me trying to Homeschool lol.

Oh and looked into Math U See and if anyone sees any good deals, please let me know :)

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