Monday, September 27, 2010

overwhelmed if anyone sees this, advice please

Oh man, where to start. My 5th grade daughter has type 1 Diabetes and was missing so many classroom hours due to going back and forth to the nurse. I was working on her 504 contract to ensure she received care that is required to keep her alive. Everyone thinks Type 1 Diabetes is the same as Type 2 and it drives me nuts! It is a roller coaster from day to day. Anyway, in the middle of doing the paperwork I basically said "I am not doing this again this year!" I felt like I was throwing her to the wolves. I mean, they left her alone with an employee of a place they went to on a school field trip while her blood sugar was 300.
This was about 2 weeks before school was to start so there was a definite time crunch.  My 2nd Grader was having problems with social issues and I believe she has some over stimulation problems. Not so much that I see going to a doctor, it has actually improved a little since we started homeschooling. She is just the clingy child.
I love the part of Homeschooling where I can see them grasping concepts as we learn together. I hate the part where I feel lost.
The resources I have are Science 5 and Math 5 from Bob Jones. I love those, simple and to the point.
Other then that, we are using library books and online stuff. I would love to buy a curriculum and I am not being cheap, my husband is a disabled veteran and between his medical bills and my daughter's, it just isn't doable right now.
I feel in my heart that homeschooling is what is best for us but the pressure of always having to find materials and figuring out what to teach is so overwhelming! My 5th grader is so eager to learn and soaks up info like a sponge and I want to be sure I am challenging her enough. My 2nd grader got honors in first grade but I recently found out she doesn't know how to identify coins or tell time!!  That did NOT please me at all. She melts down super easy if she doesn't get the answer right the first time. I have her on for Math. The games are cool but like I said, one wrong answer and it is pure temper tantrum hell!
History, I have no clue where to start! The girls are not good doing unit studies together. They are too competitive. Not sure where in history to start with them.
Ok, I think I got everything out. Oh wait, one more thing. My second grader is terrified to sleep in her own bed and has been sleeping in mine for about a year. I don't think it is stubbornness, I think she really is terrified. This throws off our schedule because she is tired the next day because I go to bed around 11. If I put her earlier to bed she needs the light on or she screams and cries.
Ok vent over, I feel like a mess, sorry for the long post! 


  1. I love your awesome and honest post. Our daughter is Dyslexic and I am learning this impacts her sleeping habits. Like you, we have the melt downs...I CAN'T DO IT...even before she has tried. Then, she is always tired. It was worse when she was in school. One Mom gave me the best advice...take it easy, back off and help her find love/joy in learning. HOW? AAGGHH...I'm still learning that. Just know, you're not alone. Prayers and the Bible help me...focusing on God and seeking His guidance. For Math, we turned to Math U See...that has helped a LOT! Love your blog...stopping by from the Hop!

  2. Thank you so very much Rebecca!The meltdowns are rough! I laughed when you said she sometimes starts the "I can't do its" even before starting, sounds like my daughter!!! I try and remain calm and understand her feelings but sometimes I want to say "OMG just do it!!" arghh lol She is just her own person I guess, she even still walks on her toes all of the time!

  3. Hey Rookie Mama! I came here from the Hip Homeschool Hop. I have been home-schooling for 20 years and I am still home-schooling my two youngest - ages 16 and 8. My two oldest are college grads. Homeschooling works.

    I would love to help you out personally so I hope you will e-mail me: You can subscribe to my blog too, but I would really like to help you out and encourage you personally.

    My hair stylist's daughter has Type 1 diabetes so I know exactly what you are talking about. It is a very tough disease to deal with.

    Like you I am not your "typical" home-school mom. Yes, I am a Christian and that influences and pervades my whole life, but I have been through too much in my life (including real tragedy) to play games or pretend. Like you I am "keepin' it real."

    One thing I would encourage you to do is this: do not try to do everything all at once! Your kids are still young. Focus on the three R's: reading, writing and math. If you are enjoying the science, great. But don't worry about history or geography or foreign language or art or...whatever. You are just getting started on this new lifestyle. Take your time and do not be too hard on yourself!

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on my Hip Homeschool post. Now, after reading this, I want to offer you some encouragement too. Homeschooling is like taking the road less traveled. It is full of hills and valleys, but if we keep our heads up and ask for encouragement and support from others in our same situation, we will persevere! I just want to tell you to hang in there. From reading just this one post, I can tell that you are a mom that loves your children, and that you will do whatever is best for them! (((hugs)))


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