Monday, October 18, 2010

I need another makeover

This year I was the winner of the Abilene Families Mommy Makeover Award. It was super fun!! My best friend nominated me and I got a facial, haircut and color, eyebrows lightened and waxed, mani pedi and a complete outfit from Dillards. I also had a photo shoot and got to be on the cover! It was awesome but when I saw my picture I was none too pleased. They did a wonderful job on me, but I was disgusted at how fat I made a pretty face.  I felt kind of ashamed.

I am so tired of eating processed foods and plain ol junk food. I feel like crap all of the time!!! Going from 104 pre-kids to 165 after feels horrible.  That is a big jump!

I see people who make food from scratch and they annoy me because I have no idea how to even get started. I have so many processed foods in my cabinets that I would prob have to throw everything away and restock with other things. That overwhelms me!!

I feel like God has placed it in my heart to teach my kids how to eat healthy and make it yummy at the same time. I don't want to!! It's hard and I don't have a starting point! BUT Daniel's triglycerides are over 800 and Ashley is at risk for all sorts of complications from her diabetes that I need to get my act together! Oh btw Type 1 Diabetes is not caused by junk food. I feel like I should clarify that. Any advice????


  1. YES, start milling your own wheat and baking your own bread. The bread we are eating (from the store) is poisoning us...along with the processed food. Take some time, research it, go to them or I can send you a cd with some amazing information on it. Start with the the changes in your family and go from there....we did this summer and we have seen some amazing changes in our family!

  2. Take it one step at a time. Try starting with one new recipe a week. Don't overwhelm yourself by changing everything in your pantry on day one or you'll defeat yourself before you get started! I have some really good recipes that we love if you want to try them and I can even *try* to show you how to bake bread. I'm not a pro at baking fresh bread, but it's not too hard :) My sister has a great potatoe bread recipe that is pretty easy.

  3. Yes, you can do this! Pray for guidance. God knows what you need and will lead you in the right direction.

    There are a lot of wonderful recipes on the internet. Just start out by cooking maybe one healthy meal a day. Introduce healthy snacks like apples and grapes. Things will get better!

  4. Jen, I would love to bake bread with you and get to know you better :) I think it would be a great start on this new journey. BTW why am I always starting a new journey? lol I must be bi-polar or something haha.
    Thanks all for your advice, I take it to heart and I really learn from you all :)

  5. I will pray for your children... we just heard a brave young man (11 years old) speak at our co-op about his diabetes. The children were enthralled with him and it was a great education for all. I am your newest follower via the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  6. New follower, came over from the hop, love being able to scout out other homeschooling sites ... and make new friends. Good luck, you will never look back on your homesvhool decision, we are in our third year and it is the best decision ever made (altho all those cooking classes we seem to have are going straight to my hips!) We had an awful week over here with the most nasty porn attaching to our computer during my 12 yr olds book research ... friendly warning to all in my blogpost, please take a moment and have a read (and for your future reading pleasure, my posts are not usually so gloomy!)


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