Friday, October 22, 2010

Seriously thought of turning the towel in

I could write a book why lol. Mostly the sleep arrangements are still out of hand and the kids won't wake up in the morning and they go to bed around midnight. I rarely get alone time. Even if I sneak out of bed, Lauren wakes up and keeps a...sking over and over when I am going to bed. Plus they throw crap on the floor all the time and with them here all the time, it is horrible. I don't know how to discipline. I really don't. We got belted as kids and it worked for sure but can't do that to my kids so lost on what to do and super frustrated. It's not a homeschool problem really it's a parenting problem. Sending them back would be a cop out for me and avoiding my problems but sometimes I just want to take the easy way out.


  1. I also have been frustrated getting my kids to bed at a decent time lately! We never did the cosleeping thing. I know me, and it never would have worked....

    I have homeschooled for 10 years and what has kept my sanity is having the kids take an hour quiet time daily. They go to their own rooms (well, my boys share), and read or play something quiet. They are not to come talk to me during that time. My toddler takes a nap then too- so it gives me at least one hour of ALONE time. I cook, read, clean, blog....

    I am glad to find your blog through the blog hop and am now following.

  2. Don't give up! It does get better. We have all had those days when you just want to go back to bed because it does get difficult. If it's worth it- it won't be easy. But remember- the kids won't remember the hard days. What they will remember is that their parents loved them and valued their education enough to make sure they were taught by the people that loves them the most.


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