Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Baackkkk!! Discovery!

So if you care, thank you!

I survived year one of Homeschooling. I did accomplish some things and some, well...

Where did the year go?? It really did blow by fast!

 I consider it a successful year even with all of the tears (from me) because I am not an alcoholic, nor did I run away from home.  I discovered that putting things off will not get them done by the end of the year. I discovered that my children CAN help out with chores without crying and throwing fits and they can enjoy it! :::cue singing angels::: I discovered that this year was about more then academics, it was about family and getting life and relationships in order. I discovered that I like my kids here 24/7 more then I like them in school 8 hours a day. (Don't choke!) I discovered that a shy 8 yr old can come out of her shell more after pulling her from public school for reasons unknown to me.

My most important discovery was other Homeschooling parents! I am not going to lie, some annoy the piss outta me. I am not a typical homeschooling mom I suppose. I recently became a non-smoker after 12 years (WHOOHOO, Allen Carr rocks!), I like tats and body piercings, I go to bars occasionally and I cuss. I believe in Jesus and sometimes go to church. My life is full of conflict and harmony and I slide backwards yet grow each day.  I first tried to blending in with other families, but found that the more open and honest I was, the more they opened up to me. Not sure if they wanted to save my soul or maybe felt the same as me on some things but weren't as open about it lol. Some parents have been so awesome to me, sharing curriculum and encouraging me. I look forward to seeing their smiles on some days and I am not the cheery type either haha. To anyone that has helped, prayed for or encouraged me this year, Thank you so much!!!!!!

Discovery also includes taking inventory of things that need improvement. EEK! isn't it hard to go through that process? There WILL be mandatory bedtime and wakeup times next year. Last year was crazy!! I realize that I personally need more structure and planning in order to be productive. I need to get dressed every single day. I have struggled with depression since 6th grade and it is so easy for me not to get dressed for days in a row. Yeah, I said it. I need to be ready each and everyday, no excuses.  I need to workout as much as I can and eat right. I need to keep up with my family and friends. I need to make time for friends. That one hurt to discover but I am thankful it was brought to my attention. I need to make time for my husband as in sex. Yeah I said that too...keep breathing people! I need to shave my legs and be attractive..geez! lol. I need to be both mommy AND the woman he married. Well, maybe an updated version of the woman he married. I am sure I can think of more to add to this list later, but these come to mind right off the bat.

We are gearing up for round two of Homeschooling. Sixth grade and Third! I am going to be blogging once a week (Thank you google calender for the reminders) and you can follow our journey if you want. There will also be a few surprises (maybe giveaways...gasp..hint hint) so keep checking in!


  1. LOL! I love it! I think the first year is about survival and reworking the household dynamics. The 2nd year is where you start digging in. I'm told that the 3rd year is where you really get your groove on. Here's hopin' since this will be year 3 for us.

  2. Wait a minute, I have to wait till year 3 to be competent? Yikes! That means year 5 for me lol. It was a year of survival. I am not sure who was the hunter and who was the hunted though. lol Thanks for the comment!

  3. LOVE this post!! Love that you share your heart :) And I found some of my need-to-do's on that list too :)


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