Friday, June 17, 2011

Went to the Hospital...Looney Bin...Whatever....

UGH still mad!

Ok so we get there, we get a room right away. They check her oxygen levels it keeps saying 82. Try it again 82. She writes down 82. I question the number because I know that is terrible and she says let me try one more time...99. Geez, do your friggin job!!! 

 Very nice lady comes in, wants to do a finger stick. Lauren was prepared for this and we brought one that she was comfortable with. I poked her and their machine said 84. Totally expected a good number because we have only had 3 bad ones. 

The doctor comes in about an hour later. Asks what is going on.  Told him that she has lost 5 lbs in one week, is tired easily and always hungry. Lauren told me the night before she has been drinking "a tiny bit more and peeing a tiny bit more but was afraid to tell me." I told him that her sister (who was there with us!) has Type 1 Diabetes and we were concerned. We also told him we were most concerned about the sudden weight loss and how thin she had become most rapidly. I asked if he thought if not type 1 could it be celiac or thyroid.  He looked at me like I was nuts and said he would not even test for Celiac because it is so rare especially in children and he was positive it was not type 1 because of her finger stick number.  He said it was prob  a UTI because it can make kids lose weight quickly but he would also do an A1c which would take about a week to come in. 

Took urine sample and blood.

Came back after a while and he said he did a very basic panel which was clean and if we wanted more testing done, we would have to go see our doctor to order more tests. We told him we didn't have insurance or a damn doctor previously. He said white blood cell was fine do no cancer which was his main concern (what??) and no UTI. Told us we PROB DON'T KEEP ICE CREAM IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE OF OUR OTHER DAUGHTER HAVING DIABETES but we need to up Lauren's calories because she obviously isn't getting enough. He also said if she loses five more lbs to bring her back in and her doctor can order new tests. (Hello, again no doctor, you jackwagon!)  Five more lbs? Really? Have they not seen how thin she is?  We know he has no damn clue about type 1 due to the ice cream comment and Daniel and I were trying not to choke him. I really felt they would have done more tests if we had insurance. This is our first time without it and we have never been given bare minimum tests or been treated this way. It made me open my eyes to what so many other parents without insurance go through. Super frustrating!!

Nurse comes in with discharge paperwork. 3 Pages of how to deal with an overweight child. WTH???? Makes me think that is given for type 2 kids, not sure though.

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