Sunday, July 10, 2011

Molly Saves! In the Nursery

Hello visitors, stalkers and bored people! I have just received a copy of Molly's new ebook and it is all about babies and baby showers. I am not having any more babies (done, thanks!) but I don't mind borrowing (babysitting) an infant to cuddle with (snort their head.)  Ohhhh this made me look up baby cute!!

Even though I am not having anymore babies, my friends still are and I know they would love this digest. I am so jealous of the new baby things that come out every year. WTG baby industry, where were you when I needed your products (baby crap)? I love the new slings the best. I had the front carriers which were hot as hell and I had the one from LLL which was way too complicated and expensive for (ditzy cheap) people like myself. 
In this digest, it teaches you how to make your own super comfy baby slings! I know as a breastfeeding mom,  I would have loved a sling that was easy to use. I think I am getting a tad bitter.

Molly also has a collection of nursery decor tips. I never decorated a nursery for my kids, but I told you, I am cheap (lazy.) My friends are supermoms (self-esteem killers..jk!) though and I am sure they would love some of these ideas. I feel like I need to make a note here.

Note: I had a bad experience come to memory the other day in a facebook conversation. My mom accidentally left me in the arts and craft section of a store when she thought I was following her.  I think I avoid crafts and doing things in general because of this. Yes, let's go with that.

If you aren't going to make any more babies, then use this digest to get ideas for baby shower gifts! There are even some crafts that do not involve crocheting! (BTW I always have to check the spelling of crocheting because it looks like the word crotch and I get self-conscience.)

If you want to check out this handy dandy e-book, you can download the individual digest for $4.95 or become a monthly Molly Member for only $3.95 a month. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! My kiddos are gone right now and I am soooo enjoying this quiet!!!


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