Sunday, October 2, 2011

ideas we have

Hello this is Lauren and i want to tell you and then ask a few questions just respond with comments Ok Anyway we all know about ashley's fundraiser right? well me and ashley has a great idea for a bake sale it will be ashley's stand will be selling cake cupcakes cookies stuff like that,my stand will be selling drinks and if anyone is Intrested it will be 1.00 for each drink if we set it up, ashley's i don't know the prices. we REALLY need help with it. now to the question's first one WHO WILL BE WILLING TO WORK WITH US. second WHO WILL WANT TO WORK WITH ME ON DRINKS?third WHO WILL WANT TO WORK WITH ASHLEY ON FOOD? if you have any question's or comment's just ask. thank you!


  1. Love your ideas!! I will be happy to help you both if you need it. Lauren, when you say "drinks" you mean Sangria's, pina colada's, margarita's, etc...right? ;0) Love you! Keep the ideas coming. You're a great sister (most of the time) hehehehe

  2. Zoe and Anaiah are looking forward to helping! We never heard back from the artwalk people, so I have no idea how you go about getting a booth for that.

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