Sunday, August 29, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything. I am not sure quite where I am located though. Geography is not a strong suit of mine, never has been.
Trying to find the middle ground in the religion and homeschooling area.

I am a Christian but did not pull my kids out of public school because of that. I am very confident I could handle topics that came up in public school because I went through it myself and had parents who fought hard for our beliefs.  It was more of an issue of condoms being handed out in some public schools (soooo tired of schools trying to teach sex education), TAKS testing ruling the curriculum and the general safety of my child with diabetes.

I am seeing two types of curriculum, religious and secular. I don't think we fit into either catagory.

I can teach math without counting fish and loaves of bread but I do not want to be labeled as secular either because in the groups I have found, they seem to be bitter towards Christians.

I wonder if any other Homeschoolers feel this way or if I am in this alone?


  1. I am a Christian as well and I did not pull my kids out of school because of that. I am open to both Christian and secular curriculum. I LOVE the Drawn into the Heart of Reading program, which is Christian...yet I like a math program that is secular. I think whatever works for you and your family.

    I live in NJ where there are not a lot of Christian homeschoolers,or if there are, they join groups through their churches. I have joined secular groups, but if comes up in conversation, I don't hesitate to mention that I am Christian.

    Good topic! I look forward to following you!

  2. Oh yes, there are other homeschoolers that feel the same way =) I'm a christian, and I don't mind using christian materials, but I don't agree with the theology or worldview of many other christians. Running around with the dresses only, wife only submission, KJV is the only bible for me crowd makes me twitch.


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