Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Week Till Showtime!

Everything is ordered! I am so excited about starting Homeschool this year and that surprises me. I do feel better prepared for this year, so maybe that is why.

I felt like last year was a huge mistake. It was full of struggle and tears, for sure. I didn't feel like I accomplished anything at all. I feel differently now. My kids are behaving better without outside influences, and they get along with each other, despite spats here and there. We have more good days then bad and that makes it all worth it. Our family unit is getting stronger and that makes me so happy. Family is super important to me, my number one priority.  There was a time when I put others before my family and I will forever regret it, but I won't let it define who I am now. Nothing can take the place of Daniel cooking stir-fry while the kids are setting the table and I am cleaning the living room. Working together as a unit makes me just swell with pride. (Ok, this is too mushy so here is where the other side of me steps in and says that I can't use the words "swell" and "unit" without thinking of those stupid male enhancement commercials.)

Speaking of friends, I freaking love my friends so much. I have never met so many people here who are constantly growing and challenge themselves daily. It really is inspiring! I have quit smoking (3 months!!) and started eating much better because of them. I hope you all know how much you mean to me <3

You have quit smoking for:

12 weeks, 4 days, 21 hours and 54 mins.

You have saved:

462.35 Dollars by NOT smoking 1,778 cigarettes!

I have some small projects that I want to finish before starting the school year. I want to clean out the front hall closet, the diabetes supply closet and the linen closet, Ashley lost her transmitter (again) for  her Continuous Glucose Monitor. Is it wicked expensive to replace, yep! Am I pissed? Not really. That kid has a lot on her plate and I don't think she was ready for another piece of equipment, especially for such a bulky one.  I still want to find it though for when she is ready. Oh and I want it cleaned because I am tired of kicking everything back in the closet so I can slam the door really fast to make it stay shut.

Thankfully, Molly came to the rescue in time to save my sanity and hopefully a transmitter.  This month's e-book is all about getting off your butt and organizing your closets.  If you want to check it out, here is the link. I really enjoyed the articles about Upscaling old clothing! I have done a few projects in the past and these articles reminded me to get started on more. I am terrible at getting rid of clothes but this helps me justify keeping them ;)
A feature that I am going to start using in my Homeschool is Tightwad Training Camp. It is a weekly lesson for kids in Frugal Economics. Just a short little lesson, but it packs a punch is training your kids for future purchases and financial choices.
I love my Molly Digests, I just hope to see healthier recipes in future issues. (Molly, please give us healthy recipes!!)

I have one copy of "Molly Saves! In the Closet" (retail $4.95) for one reader. Let me know which closet in your house needs the most work and the saddest story wins. I understand and feel your pain.

Oh, one last thing!!! I won two AWESOME prizes!!! The first one was a complete level of Math-U-See and the second was a Planner and Binder Bundle from Home Educating Publishing. Thank you to The Homeschool Lounge for running these contests! This girl is wicked happy!

Now to use my planner to pencil in a day to clean my closet...


  1. Glad to see you are excited. I am too. Though I still have to get a couple of my son's books from his charter school. I am busy planning and putting things together for our new year. I hope to start in two weeks.
    I have recently started a blog check it out.

  2. Will check it out right now :)

  3. Oh wow! So now you have 2 planners a binder. LOL Too bad you didn't know earlier. :) And the MUS prize too. You really are blessed!! Congratulations!! Great job on 3 months quit! That is awesome!


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