Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking forward...Housecleaning crew?

Oh man, Mommy confession. I am a slob, Hubby is a slob and we are raising slobs. Sometimes I do not even see messes building up in the house and one day I think to myself "Where the hell did this mess come from?"
I was messy and disorganized growing up and it never changed. I have read so many books on organization and have rearranged things into zones, but I think the zones get buried and lost somewhere during the day. I ignore the Flylady everyday (curse those twitters and facebook updates from her that I ignore.) I am sure she is very nice but my sink will not stay shiny for more then 2 minutes and sometimes, I can't find my shoes which is another must for following the program. :::sigh:::

I have read that many Homeschoolers make chores part of their curriculum. Very interesting to me. Not interesting to my children. Heck, my bedroom is the room I throw everything into when people come over, great example! Mind you, there is not food and squalor in the house, just clutter (papers, books, toys) splayed on every surface and sometimes the floor. I have no idea why I did not come equipped with these skills, but I have not given up through 11 years of marriage trying to acquire them. I really have no idea how to get us out of this messy cycle or how to maintain, but really a goal of mine.


  1. Visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop. Oh, boy, can I relate to this. I just want to know who all the slobs are that live in my house! Must be messy visitors!

  2. I'm starting to work on Home Economics with my daughter this year. I think the key is starting them early - while cleaning is still "fun" to them! :)

    Stopping by to say "Hi" from the Hip Homeschool Hop!
    I just wanted to introduce myself as the newest member of the HHM team - I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

    - Ashley Pichea


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