Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still working on the foundation and found some cracks in it!

Ok how in the hell does my 2nd grader not know what warm blooded and cold blooded means? I find that to be very odd. This is a child who last year got all of the top awards in her class! does that make sense? Moving forward in science with her, but afraid of what other gaps may be found. We did an awesome lapbook and plan on using it for teaching. It was our very first one and it was  fun! Lauren is really hands on and enjoyed this project. It was actually pretty thorough and organized. Check it out!

Lauren still has her daily meltdowns over silly things that I am still trying to figure out. We are using
Dreambox Math and she does not even realize she is learning multiplication ;) It is a cool program, but she prefers me doing the clicking and her coming up with the answers. Not sure if that is laziness or just another way of her making sure she gets more one on one time. She knows the material, it is like she is afraid of doing it alone or maybe she wants me by her to show off? Still trying to figure this one out!

Ashley is very independent in her studies and is doing quite well. Bob Jones kicks ass. Am I allowed to say that? hmm  Well he does. Very simple instructions and great examples are used in Math and Science. It is Christian based but I will admit we skip those parts because we do not have a need for that right now. Ashley chose to be baptized on her own and she has her own relationship with God. If she wants to read the bible, which she does on occasion, she knows where to find it. She is doing a Bible study but she also likes it. :)

 Some days are difficult still but I am really enjoying this! I am thrilled to see them learning and meeting new people. The Librarians are starting to recognize us which is prob a good thing!  When it gets a little bit cooler outside, we will go to the park for recess. I am soooooo done with Summer!


  1. Oh Lord, she can't identify coins either!!!!

  2. Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Love your blog!

  3. At least you are finding out where she needs help and will be able to work on those areas. I love Bob Jones also. very good curriculum! Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Hop!


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